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Audio-Coding connector ("Loop"-Connector)

Part number: 8G9T-14N000-**

The loop cable loom connects the audio system with the car's wiring loom

In the Mondeo Mk4 several different trim levels are available in terms of audio systems. They span from basic Sony branded auto radios to touch based navigation systems with Bluetooth connectivity, including voice command capabilities. The loop cable loom adapts the different audio system trim levels to the vehicle's wiring loom, ensuring the needed connections for the different functionalities. The loop cable loom links the Quad-Lock connector in the audio system to the vehicle's wiring loom, by the use of small “loops” or jumpers in the loom itself, giving the connector it's name.

Where can I find the loop cable loom in the vehicle?

The loop cable loom can be found on top of the glove box, lying atop the crossbeam. It can be easily accessed once the glove box is removed. To unplug the loop cable loom's connector, first release the red locking lug on top of the plug by pulling in the direction of the cables. Then press on the gray tab on the connector and pull to disconnect.

For each audio system trim level there is an specific loop cable loom

Code Audio system type Remarks
AA ice low
AB nav low Replaces AA part since March 2009
BA nav high
BB nav high Replaces BA part since March 2009
CA ice low Without Bluetooth
CB ice high/low Without Bluetooth, replaces CA part since March 2009
DA nav high Without Bluetooth

Mapping of audio system levels into model names.

Variations of the wiring loom over the years

The wiring loom behind the dashboard, to which the loop cable loom connects, has seen several variations over the years. At a high level, these variations are described below:

  1. Wiring loom, “version 1” ⇒ pre-FL, since model introduction in 2007
  2. Wiring loom, “version 2” ⇒ pre-FL, for vehicles produced until calendar week 33, 2008
  3. Wiring loom, “version 3” ⇒ pre-FL, for vehicles produced from calendar week 34, 2008 (22.08.2008)
  4. Wiring loom, “version 4” ⇒ FL, for vehicles produced since October 2010 till the end of the series

Conversion of loop cable type "AB" to type "BA"

The difference between both loop cable looms is basically the missing microphone connection. Therefore, the microphone built in the headliner console will not be connected to the S&C module and voice control commands cannot be used.

The missing connections can be retrofitted. The only necessary parts are the missing connector pins (can be obtained from another connector or purchased) and a couple centimeters of shielded cable.

Loop cable loom with 22 pins connector

  • Remove pin 7 from connector (brown color wire), and refit it as pin 3
  • Remove pin 8 from connector (blue color wire), and refit it as pin 4
  • With the 2-wire shielded cable being added:
  1. Using the brown wire, create a connection between pins 5 and 7
  2. Using the blue wire, create a connection between pins 6 and 8

Note: shielding of the 2-wire cable is left unconnected.

Loop cable loom with 8 pins connector

The following pins shall be looped/connected together:

  • Pin 1 ⇒ Pin 3
  • Pin 2 ⇒ Pin 4
  • Pin 7 ⇒ Pin 5
  • Pin 8 ⇒ Pin 6
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