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Side mirrors

Facelift, with integrated turn light pre-Facelift
Mounting plate view
BLIS equipped side mrirror

Depending on the model year and trim level of the vehicle, the side mirrors provide the following functions:

  • Base functionality (all mirror types):
    • Heated mirrors
    • Electrically operated mirrors
    • Manual folding
    • Turn signal (only on Facelift models)
    • Puddle lights
  • Additional functionality:
    • Electrical folding/unfolding
    • Mirror position store/recall (only combined with Seat Memory option)
    • Mirror tilting when backing up (curb-view function) (only combined with Seat Memory option)
    • BLIS indicator (Blind Spot Assistant)

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  • Removal of the side mirror's folding motor
  • Removal of the side mirror(s) assembly from vehicle
  • Side mirror tear down
  • Automatic passenger side mirror tilting when backing up
  • Side mirror's electrical folding mechanism retrofit
  • Electrically folding side mirror(s)
  • Repairs of the side mirror's electrical folding mechanism
  • Removal of the side mirror's frame
  • Removal of the side mirror's wiring loom
  • Known problems with aftermarket electrically folding side mirror(s)
  • Testing and Repairs
  • Fuses
  • Disassembly of the support arm from the folding joint
  • Removal of the mirror glass from the side mirror's assembly
  • Removal of the side mirror cover (Facelift)
  • Removal of the side mirror cover (pre-Facelift)
  • Removal of the side mirror tilting motor
  • Side mirror's connector unpinning
  • Side mirror's connector description and pinout
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