Battery chargers

The battery charger shall support the used battery's charging characteristics. An electronically controlled chargers, capable of recognizing battery types and automatically adjusting the charging profile is a sound investment, specially when one or several batteries need to be charged frequently. These are much more capable than typical CC chargers, which are unable to properly charge Mondeo's battery and can lead to decreased battery capacity (see “Car battery - battery life” topic).

Currently, it is possible to find pulsed battery chargers, with 4-5 Amps charging capacity from approximately 50€ (e.g. CTEK). These devices are not only capable of charging a battery, but also provide maintenance and recovery modes that can extend the battery life, thanks to the use of high frequency pulses that prevent battery sulphation (see battery life topic).

  1. Can I use my grand father's lead acid battery charger? ⇒ Nope, never! See above
  2. Can't I just buy any battery? ⇒ Sure, but not for a car! See the battery compatibility list.
  3. Can't I just buy a cheap second hand battery? ⇒ Never! Nobody will sell a battery in good condition. Modern batteries only last a few years anyway, so most likely you will be bamboozled.
  4. What should I do with my old battery? ⇒ The retailer selling the new battery should accept disposal of the old battery (a pay a return fee). Alternatively, the local recycling facility should accept old batteries (normally free of charge).
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