Re-learning of confort closing functionality

After disconnecting the battery, windows will no longer automatically close or open, but only upon pressing the respective window control button. The same applies to the function via the remote control fob.

The electric power windows are controlled by the door module. The door module stores the upper and lower switch off values, the anti-jamming protection settings and the maximum motor power required to move the window through its guides, related to the confort closing function.

These parameters are stored in a volatile memory (RAM) in each door module, and will be lost when disconnecting the battery. In such cases, these values must be “relearned”. This is achieved through the procedure described below, which is to be performed for each window.

For each window

  1. Pull the window switch up, until the window is fully closed, then hold the switch in the up position for one more second.
  2. Release the switch, the pull it up again two or three more times, for one second each time.
  3. Open the window and check if it now closes automatically. If not, repeat the above process again.
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