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Navigationsystem NX

The radio-navigation system “Travelpilot NX” (by Blaupunkt) was exclusively delivered with pre-Facelift vehicles.

Map data is stored in a DVD. The DVD reader unit is hidden behind the plastic bezel around the volume rocker. For vehicles with back up camera, there are certain models of the NX navigation system that come equipped with a video input connector (brown FAKRA plug type).

  • NX series was produced and sold in parallel to the FX series. Internally, both devices are very similar and were built using the same components. Therefore, the NX series is also affected by the RAM bug often found in FX series devices.
  • Devices built before fall 2008 have a different Quadlock connector pin-out. When compared to newer models, pins 10 and 6 are reversed. In case a Travelpilot NX system is to be installed (due to upgrade, renewal or after a repair) and neither the voice commands work nor the remote party hear us on the phone during a call, then the problem is related to this pins reversal. Simply swap these two pins in the Quadlock connector and everything should work normally.
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