Door trim removal

  • Plastic trim removal tools (“plastic spatula”) (Please don't use a screwdriver, that will scratch and leave marks!)
  • Phillips screw driver (PZ2), normal
  • Phillips screw driver, short (“Stummel” or just a Phillips bit)
  • Torx screwdriver or bit (T25)

1.) Tweeter removal

Pull the tweeter trim in the direction pointed by (1). It is held in position by two clips (small red arrows in the thick (1) arrow) and guided by the clip behind. Then disconnect the tweeter's connector (3).

2.) Remove screws fixing the door's trim

Remove the four screws around the door trim panel. For the screw next to the door hinge, it will be necessary to use a short screw driver, or a Phillips bit carefully held with a pair of tweezers.

<Photo of screws holding the door trim>

3.) Remove the screw holding the door opener handle

This screw is located under a small plastic cover. To remove it, pull the door opening lever as much as possible, then use a plastic spatula to remove the plastic cover by prying in the position indicated by the red arrow. Then, unscrew the Torx screen.

4.) Remove the screws holding the chrome plated door handle

Now, use the plastic spatula to pry out the chrome plate. For this, insert the spatula between the edge of the door handle and the chrome plate. The parts are simply clipped together. Then, unscrew the two Torx screws highlighted with red arrows.

5.) Remove the door trim panel

Next, remove the door trim by undoing the clips (yellow arrows). To do this, pull the lower part of the trim panel with a bit of jerk towards the vehicle interior. Once the door trim panel is loosened, pull it up a few centimeters (green arrows) to free it from the window gasket.

6.) Disconnect wiring loom connector

The last step is to disconnect the two connectors (red plugs). One is connected to the power window control console, the other to the central locking switch.

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