How to use the English version of this Wiki

Because of the great support of some users, more and more pages of the original German version of this Wiki get's translated into English language. Because this is all hobby and work is done in spare time, i would like to thank all contributers for their efforts!

To use it, the Wiki detects the language-settings of your browser and will switch to the English startpage automatically.

If this does not work, you can also switch the language using the “flag” symbol in the toolbar above:

It means that someone has changed the German version of this page and the English version may be outdated.

Well, translation means “work in progress”, so at first the German version is updated, and translation is done afterwards. You are free to use Google-Translation (built in into Google Chrome Browser, for example).

To get this going, helpers are needed. So you are very welcome to contribute and translate German pages into English. Please contact me for an account and instructions :-)

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