Important technical terms and accronyms used in the “Ford World”.

Acronym Long form Description
A/C Air Conditioning
ABE Allgemeine BetriebsErlaubnis (German for Vehicle Type Approval) Government issued authorization for a vehicle type to be operated in public roads
ABS Anti-lock Brake System
ACC Adaptive Cruise Control
ACM Audio Control Module
AFL Adaptive Forward Lighting
AFS Adaptive Front Lighting System
AGR Abgasrückfuehrung (German for Exhaust Gas Recirculation) See EGR below
Ah Amperes-hour Battery capacity in Amperes-hour
AHCM Auxiliary Heater Control Module Fuel fired parking heater
AHK Anhängerkluppung (German for towing hook)
APIM Accessory Protocol Interface Module Ford SYNC module
APP Acceleration Pedal Position (Throttle?) Throttle pedal position sensor
ATS Air Temperature sensor
AU Abgasuntersuchung (German for exhaust emissions tests) Government required, periodic verification of vehicle's compliance to emissions regulations
BBS Battery Backed-Up Sounder Battery powered alarm system
BC Board computer Onboard computer system
BCM Body Control Module Central vehicle's electronics junction box, containing vehicle's management functions, CAN-Gateway and fuse box
BCMii Body Control Module II Evolution of BCMs
BDA Bedienungsanleitung (German for operation manual) Ford's provided vehicle's operating instructions
BKV Brake booster
BLIS Blind Spot Information System Assistance system that detects incoming vehicles in the driver's blind spot
BPP Brake Pedal Position Brake actuation sensor
BMS Battery Management Sensor System that monitors vehicle's battery condition
BTCS Brake Traction Control System
CAC Charge Air Cooler (a.k.a. intercooler) High-pressurized air cooling system
CAN Controller Area Network High speed network for different control modules
CCM Cruise Control Module Vehicle's speed controller system
CCD Continuously Controlled Damping Continuously adjusted suspension
CDDJ Compact Disk Disk Jockey External compact disc player/changer
CJB Central Junction Box See BCM
CMP Camshaft Position Sensor
CMR Camera Module Rear Backup camera controller module, with trajectory lines projection
CNG Compressed Natural Gas For engines adapted to use gas as fuel
CoC Certificate of Conformity EU-mandated vehicle type certification document
CPP Clutch Pedal Position Clutch actuation sensor
CTM Central Timing Module
D1S Shielded D1 high intensity discharge bulb High intensity discharge bulb where igniter is in bulb itself
DA Driver Alert Driver impairment detection system
DABM Digital Audio Broadcast Module DAB/DAB+ radio receiver module
DDM Driver Door Module Control module for driver side door (power window, side mirror, turn signal, BLIS, etc…)
DLC Diagnostics Link Connector OnBoard Diagnostics (OBD) connector
DPF Diesel Particle Filter System to reduce the amount of soot particles in the exhaust of ICE engines
DRL Daytime Running Lights Daytime lights. In Facelift vehicles these are implemented with LED light strips under the main headlamps
DSM Driver Seat Module Driver's seat control module
EATC Electronic Automatic Temperature Control Vehicle's inner cabin temperature control module
DTC Diagnostic Trouble Code ODB2 trouble codes signaled by the different control modules
EBA Emergency Brake Assistance System to increase vehicle's braking assistance in case of emergency braking
EBD Electronic Brake Distribution
ECT Engine Coolant Temperature
ECM Engine Control Module a.k.a. ECU (Engine Control Unit)
EGR Exhaust Gas Recirculation Partial recirculation of exhaust gas into engine's intake manifold to reduce pollutant emissions
EI Electronic Ignition Electronically controlled gas ignition
EOBD European OnBoard Diagnostics
EOP Engine Oil Pressure Engine oil pressure sensor
EPAS Electric Powered Assisted Steering
ESC Electronic Stability Control See ESP
ESP Electronic Stability Program Traction and stability control system (see also ABS)
ETIS Electronic Technical Information System
FB Fernbedienung (German for remote control)
EVAP Evaporative Emission Solenoid controlled valve to vent evaporated fuel canister
FFH Freundlicher Ford Händler (German for Friend Ford Dealership)
FH Fensterheber (German for power windows)
FINIS Ford International Numeric Identification System Ford OEM parts identification numbering system
FL Facelift Aesthetic and technical revamp of Mk4 Mondeos from September 2010
FoMoCo Ford Motor Corporation Company identification seen in OEM Ford parts
FPDM Fuel Pump Driver Module Fuel pump control module
GFM Generic Function Module CD player/changer???
GEM General Electronics Module See BCM
GND Ground Vehicle's electric ground, (-) pole in the battery
GPS Global Positioning System Satellite based navigation/location system
HBZ Hauptbremszylinder (German for brake master cylinder)
HCM Headlight Control Module Head lamps control module
HCM Hydraulic Control Unit
HVAC Heating & Ventilation Air Conditioning
IAC Idle Air Control Engine idle control valve
IAT Intake Air Temperature Air temperature in the intake manifold
iB5 Ford iB5 5-speed manual transaxle gearbox
IC Instrument Cluster See also IPC
IDS Integrated Diagnostics Software Latest version of Ford's official diagnostics software suite
IFS Inertial Fuel Shutoff Security fuel cutoff switch
IMS Interior Monitoring Sensor Vehicle's cabin monitoring sensor, part of the alarm system
IPC Instrument Panel Cluster Combined instruments cluster, including speedometer, tachometer…
IPMA Image Processing Module A Front facing camera control module (Lane Departure Warning/Assistant)
IVDC Interactive Vehicle Dynamic Control Active suspension profiles
KS Knock Sensor
KVM Keyless Vehicle Module Module for the keyless entry and start system
LDW Lane Departure Warning
LIN Local Interconnect Network Single-wire, serial communication bus for simple sensing and control functions
LMM Luftmassenmesser (German for Mass Air Sensor)
LSM Light Switch Module
LWR Lichtweitenregulierung (German for headlight range adjustment)
MAP Manifold Air Pressure sensor
MAF Mass Air Flow sensor
MAPT Manifold Air Pressure and Temperature sensor
MIL Malfunction Indicator Lamp a.k.a. Check Engine Light. General fault indicator for engine malfunctions
MK4 Mark 4 Indicates that a vehicle belongs to the fourth generation of the Mondeo family
MMT6 Ford Durashift MMT6 6-speed manual transaxle gearbox
MTX75 Ford MTX-75 5-speed manual transaxle gearbox
NSW Nebelscheinwerfer (German for fog light)
OBD OnBoard Diagnostics Interface to read/reset DTCs and to perform vehicle module programming
OCS Occupant Classification System Passenger detection system
OSS Output Shaft Speed
oT oberer Totpunkt (German for Top Dead Centre)
PAD Passenger Airbag Deactivation switch
PAM Parking Air Module Parking aids control module
PATS Passive Anti-Theft System Vehicle's anti-theft immobilizer system
PCM Powertrain Control Module
PDC Park Distance Control Parking aid system
PDM Passenger Door Module
PNP Park-Neutral Position
PSCM Power Steering Control Module Control module for the hydraulic power steering
PSP Power Steering Pressure switch
PWM Pulse Width Modulation Modulation technique that varies duty cycle
PTU Portable Test Unit Portable vehicle diagnostics device
RCM Restraints Control Module Controller module for airbags deployment, belt pre-tensioning, etc.
RDKS Reifendruck-Kontrollsystem (German for TPMS)
RDM Read Door Module Rear door module, either driver or passenger side
RDS Radio Data System Text information transmission system over FM broadcast
RFA Remote Frequency Actuator Radio receiver module for remote controls
RFK Rückfahrtkamera (German for back up camera) See RVC
RKE Remote Keyless Entry a.k.a. RKS (Remote Keyless System), remote operated unlock
RSM Rain Sensor Module
RVC Rear View Camera Back up camera, parking aid
SASM Steering Angle Sensor Module Steering wheel rotation angle sensor
SDARDS Satellite Digital Audio Radio Service
SECM Steering Effort Control Module Control module for electric power steering
SJB Smart Junction Box See BCM, GEM
SODL Side Obstacle Detection control module, Left BLIS control module, left side
SODR Side Obstacle Detection control module, Right BLIS control module, right side
SPRM SPeech Recognition Module See SRM
SRM Speech Recognition Module Hands-free, Bluetooth, voice control module
SWM Steering Wheel Module
TC Turbocharger
TCC Torque Converter Clutch
TCU Throttle valve Control Unit
TCM Transmission Control Module
TDCi Turbo Diesel Common-rail injection Turbocharged Ford Diesel engine with common rail fuel injection
TFT Transmission Fluid Temperature Transmission oil temperature
TP Throttle valve Position
TPMS Tire Pressure Monitoring System Tire air pressure monitoring system
TRM TRailer Module
TSS Turbine Shaft Speed
uT unterer Totpunkt (German for bottom Dead Centre)
VCM Vehicle Communication Module ODB communications interface for Ford's IDS
VCM-II Vehicle Communication Module II Newer version of VCM
VCT Variable Cam Timing Mechanism to allow modification of the valve opening/closing timing based on engine operating conditions
VDM Vehicle Dynamics Module Management of vehicle stability
vFL vor Facelift (German for pre-Facelift) Indicates vehicles built between 2007 and 2010
VIN Vehicle Identification Number Unique vehicle identification number, worldwide
VQM Voltage Quality Module Control module for battery condition monitoring
VSS Vehicle Speed Sensor
WDS Worldwide Diagnostics System Successor of Ford's IDS
WOT Wide Open Throttle Engine operating condition in which the throttle valve is totally open
WSS WindSchutzScheibe (German for windscreen)
ZV Zentral Verriegelung (German for central locking)
Load-Dump Load drop Up to 90 volts voltage spike, caused by disconnection of the positive battery pole when the engine is running (see ISO 7637)
Smart Charge Charging logic Ford's intelligent battery charging system
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