Glove box removal

Needed tools and parts
  1. Torx T15 screwdriver
  2. Small ratchet with 10mm socket
Step 1

First, completely undo both hex bolts with the 10mm socket, then the Torx bolts indicated in the photos.

Next, pay attention as the holders for the remaining Torx bolts might fall out of place. Nevertheless they can be pressed back with some needle nosed pliers so that they remain in place in the plastic around the glove box.

Step 2

Pull the glove box slightly out, then remove the plug for the lighting of the glove box (top). For this you will need to press on the retaining tab of the plug.

Now, in the right you should see the glove box lid damper. It is necessary to twist the whole glove box to a side in order to take it out through the opening in the dashboard.

Step 3

Now, remove a connector from the glove box holder (not connected to anything, if passenger airbag switch is not installed), or unplug it from the passenger airbag switch (if the airbag passenger switch is fitted), located in the right wall of the glove box.

In the left side of the glove box, push the USB connector out of the wall housing and into the glove box, and then pull it off.

Remove the AUX audio input connector.


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