Releasenote des Service Pack 5.3

  1. Destination can not be entered using the seven-digit postcode (UK only)
  2. Resetting during operation
  3. Navigations/Radiodates no longer appear on the repeater display (combination)
  4. Missing Audio/Voiceguidance after starting the engine
  5. Voice service can not be activated even after repeated pressing the PTT button
  6. Unit is in navigation mode for several minutes while the pop-up window appears <Navigation activated>
  7. Unit is in navigation mode for several minutes while the use of a disclaimer <The Zielführung…> is displayed and the button <OK> does not work
  8. Unit is on the lists for the target input / target selection
  9. Stuck in the speech device operation for several minutes while the pop-up window appears <Sprachbetrieb aktiviert>
  10. Unit is facing Tunnel Transit / Parking garage on over a long period, the message <No GPS>
  11. Occasionally, the function of <Ziel Map> not be used
  12. Volume can not be changed
  13. CD / AUX button does not work
  14. After starting the device displays only a blue screen
  15. Empty / grayed softkeys, although these would be activated
  16. Device hangs when running from a USB / iPod / Aux audio sources
  17. No iPod / USB device
  18. Pop-up window will <CD geprüft> appears after starting for a long time (> 2 min) on the display
  19. Only Kuga 2008.5 with camera - parking aid: If you want the reverse gear is quickly shown a picture of the area behind the vehicle
  20. Only Galaxy 2006.5 with keypad - Additional Air Conditioning: No operation of the air conditioning system
  21. Incorrect climate information in the status bar
  22. Personal settings (language, etc.) are lost
  23. Frequent resets in the operation
  24. Very short (<1 second) audio dropouts while playing music
  25. Deep and loud hum when playing audio sources (possibly only one channel)
  26. No navigation voice during telephone conversations
  27. Reset the navigation system with high number of traffic messages (TMC)
  28. After engine start audio system is again a different station
  29. (S-MAX/Galaxy 2006.5, 2007.5 Mondeo): After engine start will not eject the CD.
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