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Automatic engine start by single press of the Power button

Starting with vehicles built in January 2011, engine start in Keyless-Go equipped vehicles requires a single, short press of the POWER button.

For pre-Facelift models and for Facelift models built between September 2010 and December 2010, both equipped with Keyless-Go, the POWER button had to remain pressed until engine started.

A change in the configuration of these earlier models is possible, so that the behavior of the POWER button replicates that of Facelift models built in January 2011 and later.

  1. Vehicle must be equipped with the Keyless Entry and Start System (Keyless-Go)
  2. For September 2010 and onwards Facelift models, the required part versions should always be present
  3. For pre-Facelift models, support depends on the version of installed KVMs. As a minimum, these parts should be -CB variants or newer (so part number should be 7S7T-19G481-CB, or -CC and so on). Alternatively, the firmware in the older parts can be updated to the newer version (e.g. using UCDS).

Using ELMConfig software:

  1. Load vehicle's configuration from BCM
  2. Change the value of the Central Configuration parameter “Door Remote Control Channel Type” to the value “Multi channel, with Autostart”
  3. Save the modified configuration back to the BCM and IPC modules
  4. Done!
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