DAB+ receiver upgrade

Upgrading the original DAB receiver to get digital radio stations on an MCA navigation system.

When making a DIY upgrade, the total cost will be approximately 350 €. The estimated time required will be around 3-5 hours.

  • Facelift Mondeo with MCA-Navigationssystem (or MCA-Plus)
  • Appropriate plug for the DAB module (behind the glove box) needs to be available (this can be retrofitted, if necessary)


  1. the radio code is necessary
  2. ELM adapter as well as ELMConfig to adapt the vehicle configuration (CCC)

Additional tools:

  1. Radio clamps
  2. Clipzieher / crowbar
  3. plastic wedge small/large
  4. well equipped ratchet wrench set
  5. small flat screw driver or needle to remove the small caps in the interior panelling at the C-pillar
  6. 1/2 inch wrench with TX 50 bit for the safety belts
  7. some “cloth”
  8. flashlight
  9. new clips for the A-pillar paneling
  10. if applicable 8 mm ring wrench (ring ratchet wrench) to remove the insulator more easily
  11. if applicable riveting pliers and aluminum rivets to mount the fixture onto its mounting holes (if applicable)
  12. 4 self threading screws to fix the module into the fixture (not included)
  13. binders


  • Antenna-Insulator (blue):
    • Part number: BS7T-18C847-AB or DS7T-18C847-XA or EM2T-18C847-CB
    • FINIS: 1717068
    • Cost: ca. 60,- €
  • Fixture for the DAB module:
    • Part number: :?:-17K790-:?:
    • FINIS: 1810813 (replaces 1763785)
    • Cost: ca. 15 €
    • Part number: CS7T-19C128-A* (-AE or -AF)
    • FINIS: 1866870
    • Cost: ca. 250 €
  • Leitung:
    • Part number:
    • FINIS: 1830623
    • Cost: ca. 60 € (quite possibly this can also be achieved using two short extensions - see below)

Now, before we start, a few notes from previous experience regarding difficult steps during the procedure, so your work should not be stalled unnecessarily:

  • Installing the antenna cable near the accellerator pedal is a bit tricky!
  • ceiling airbag slightly blocks access to the insulator, nut will need to be placed blindly and fastened with the 8 mm ring wrench (slightly tricky, a ratchet wrench might help).
  • the two A-pillar clips break easily, remember to order replacements up front.

:i: Attention: When working on the ceiling or with the interior paneling, keep your hands clean an frequently check (clean!) your tools for stains. The vehicle should be heated to about room temperature, at low temperatures the plastic will become more stiff/brittle and will easily break when removing the paneling.

Step 1) Install parts

  1. remove panel form A-pillar
  2. remove storage compartment with the OBD-plug
  3. remove cup holder including panel

Step 2) Install DAB module

The DAB module is located near the glove compartment at the upper left near the heater. This is how it will later look like:

Remove the glove compartment first and verify if there is the grey 18-Pin connector near the area where the DAB-module will be positioned (quite possibly the plug is “entangled” in the main cable strand:


The mounting holes for the fixture inside the glove compartment are factory standard, so these will simply be unscrewed and the DAB module mounted to these provisions:

Remove the radio completely and install the new antenna cable.

Step 3) Exchange the front insulator

The MCA uses antenna diversity for better reception. FOr this reason the system is equipped with two antennae. The rear antenna is located in the drivers side rearmost window (Turnier). This is also the position of a filtering module (called “insulator”), which has to be exchanged in order to receive the digital broadcasting frequencies. THe picture shows the old (grey) standard module labeled 7CP1-18C847-SA and right next to it the new (blue) DAB-capable BS7T-18C847-AB:

I can't imagine that anyone will be able to remove the A-pillar clips, which hold the paneling in place, in one piece. I used a clip-levering (crow-)bar but they broke anyway. So it's probably a good idea to have replacement parts at hand.

The biggest problem were the mounting clips for the antenna cable in the area of the MCA rigth through to the accellerator pedal, which wouzld come loose. The clip needed to be pressed through the mounting hole from “behind”. In my case there was a fourth antenna cable fastened to the antenna line without the DAB junction, which I re-fastened to the new cable with the DAB junction (it was factory installed with duct tape anyway).

  1. A pillar paneling, OBD cover incl amplification module, glove compartment, MCA with frame and everything else to remove the MCA (center console cover).

Step 4) Exchange the rear Insulator

This is a Plug'n'Play process, but the ceiling on the drivers side needs to be “lowered” from the trunk up to the B-pillar, to gain access to the device. Proceed as folloes to achieve this:

  1. remove grab handles in the rear compartment
  2. remover the dividing grill fixture covers
  3. remove the upper door seals in the trunk and the rear passenger door near the ceiling
  4. remove C- and D-pillar paneling (the side paneling in the trunk needs to be removed to achive this, as well as the safety belt fixture - TX 50). The sharp edge of the C-pillar panelling should be4 padded with a pice of cloth th prevent damage to the ceiling material (e.g. scratches).
  5. unfasten the 2 large clips from the rear ceiling
  6. check (and double check) if the ceiling is completely loose or if there are any kinks forming in the surface (if that should be the case, stop and put the ceiling back into a safe püosition before checking whether any fixture had been overlooked in previous steps).
  7. The insulator should be easily visible now:
  8. Remove plug, unfasten the screws and exchange one for one wihth the “blue” insulator model:
  9. Replace the ceiling, covers & paneling as well as door seals in reverse order.

Step 5) Adapt vehicle configuration

Lauch ELMConfig and load the CCC from the BCM. When done goto page 4 and toggle the parameter for “With Digital Radio System”:

Satellite Radio Receiver (DAB-Empfangssystem)

Save the modified Configuration back into BCM and IPC


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