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Sony branded radio system

Sony radio systems in Facelift vehicles differ to those in pre-Facelift vehicles in that they come equipped with two antenna connectors in the back that use FAKRA plugs (black and white), instead of ISO.

Below, for comparison, two Sony radios. One pre-Facelift model, using an ISO antenna connector:

and the other a Facelift model, with FAKRA connectors:

This was done because of changes in the wiring looms and the introduction of Antennendiversität, which improves radio reception by using two receiver antennas.

A variant of the Sony radio system was produced, that integrated a DAB receiver. However, the digital receiver in these devices only supported DAB broadcasts, and not DAB+. Since DAB broadcasts are no longer available in Germany since several years, these devices are no longer able to receive digital broadcasts. FM receivers in these devices are not impacted and continue to operate normally.

Sony radio systems are available with different levels of functionality. The list below provide the minimum features supported in all variants:

  • Integrated CD player
  • MP3 playback capability from CD
  • 30 stations memory (FM)
  • Steering wheel controls
  • AUX-input in glovebox
  • Optionally with Sound & Connect
Front Back (vFL) Back (FL) DAB 6CD AMP INFO


  • DAB = with integrated DAB receiver
  • 6CD = with integrated CD-changer (6 CD)
  • AMP = with output for the Premium Sound System (with 9 speakers, final stage and subwoofer)
  • Back (vFL) = when model available for the pre-Facelift Mondeo, photo of the rear panel of the system
  • Back (FL) = when model available for the Facelift Mondeo, photo of the rear panel of the system
  • INFO = link to the Wiki page providing additional information about the specific model
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