Repairing the door lock

If the power lock of any door ceases to operate, weak or worn out drive motors can be the cause. Hints pointing towards this are:

  1. Door opens or closes after repeated tries.
  2. When the central locking system is activated, noises can be heard from the door.
  3. The locking lever of the inner door handle moves slightly when the central locking is actuated but fails to lock/unlock the door.

Workshops will normally replace the complete door lock assembly. This will, depending on the trim level, cost upwards from 250 Euros.

One alternative is to remove and replace the drive motors. Replacement motors can be order through Aliexpress (see below in “Required parts and tools”).

Applicable to all door locks in both pre-FL and FL vehicles.

  • Parts:
    • Drive motor:
      • Drive motors can be purchased new, e.g. on AliExpress.com. Product ID: 32866145864 (as of december 2018)
      • Search criteria: door lock motor central lock motor Ford Focus, Mazda M3, Land Rover, Jaguar, VOLVO S40 S80 XC70
      • Cost: approx. 10 € for 2 drive motors including long-term grease (as of december 2018)
  • Tools and other aids:
    • Torx T10 screwdriver
    • Torx T20 screwdriver
    • Torx T30 screwdriver
    • Phillips screwdriver
    • If needed, pliers or hooks
    • Suitable long-term liquid grease (e.g. Tunap 101 Professional)

Remove the screws around the door trim (marked by red arrows, Phillips head),as well of those in the door handles (marked by blue arrows, Torx T20 heads, behind plastic covers). Then unplug the door's electrical connectors (power windows control, loudspeakers). Remove the protective plastic film around the area of the door lock. If possible, do this by cutting the adhesive strip with a cutter. Doing this will allow to reuse this film later when reassembling everything. Finally, the screw holding the lock can be removed.

Remove the three Torx T30 screws (1). Remove the small plastic cap (2) and using a Torx T20 screwdriver, undo the screw so that the rear, short part of the exterior door handle can be removed.

Then, the main exterior door handle can be removed. Behind it there will a second that fixes the door lock holder in place.

Finally, the door lock can be removed from the inside. Unclip the Bowden cable for the inner door handle (white/gray), then unplug the connector. Now can the door lock with its holder be removed from the door.

Unclip the Bowden cable from the exterior door handle (red) and remove the lock holder from the lock itself.

The door lock is composed of two parts: the lock itself (1) and the part with the drive motor(s) (2). These parts can be separated by undoing the Torx T20 screws (marked with red arrows).

Attention: This is not necessary nor recommended for the replacement of the drive motor. Only the cover of the drive motor(s) needs to be removed, which is somewhat easier.

The following figure shows the disassembled part with the drive motors from behind. Remove the three screws (Torx T10, marked with the red arrows), then carefully unscrew the lever (marked with the blue arrow). To do this, press the retaining tabs inwards, then remove the cover lid.

After opening the cover, the drive motor becomes accessible. The motor itself can be removed by simply pulling it out and the new motor can be installed simply pluging it into the now exposed contact pins. Lubricate the endless thread (grease available in Aliexpress) or with any suitable grease.

Hint: The look of the lock with vary depending on the trim level (Keyless-Open, double lock, etc). The lock shown in these instructions is the simple variant of rear door lock without double lock or other features. Once the lock is removed, it is advisable to also clean and lubricate other parts needing it as far as possible (do not use resinous, long term fluid grease!).

The installation of the door lock is to be done in reverse order:

  1. Completely assemble the door lock and clip it to the door lock holder.
  2. Hook the Bowden cable from the exterior door handle (red bracket).
  3. If possible, pull the exterior handle lever outwards before installation. A spring will fix it in this position.
  4. Place the door lock in its holder in the door itself, then mount the Bowden cable for the inner door handle and plug the connector.
  5. Fasten all screws (the three main screws, plus the screw in the door and those under the exterior door handle).
  6. If the lever of the exterior door handle is snapped inwards, pull it outwards with suitable tools (priers, hook) until it locks in place. The complete the exterior handle assembly, place the small red part in the back and fasten the screw.
  7. Glue back the door foil and reinstall the door trim.
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