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Volvo-Binary-Format (VBF)

This special file format is used for Firmware updates. It contains an readable part with update informations, used by updaters like Ford IDS or VCM, and also the binary image itself.

Here is an example of it. First comes the readable part:

vbf_version = 2.2;
header {
    //*                  Volvo Car Corporation
    //*     This file is generated by VBF CONVERT ver. 3.1.6
    //*                        DO NOT EDIT !
       description = {
         "PAM SBL for updated PBL"
    // Volvo software part number
       sw_part_number = "6G92-14C093-AC";
    // Volvo software part type: Secondary bootloader
       sw_part_type = SBL;
    // Network: CAN medium speed main network
       network = CAN_MS;
    // ECU address used for: PAM - Parking Assist Control Module [0x736 / CAN MS]
       ecu_address = 0x736;
    // 11-bit CAN identifier
       frame_format = CAN_STANDARD;
    // Call address
       call = 0x06BE;
    // Blocks sorted
    // Blocks grouped
    // Blocks:   1
    // Bytes:    6677
    file_checksum = 0xD2E912F2;

Directly after the last closing bracket (}) starts the binary image.

Offset Size Example value Function
0 4 Bytes 0x000004F4 Base address where to store this BLOCK on target device
4 4 Bytes 0x00001A15 Length of this BLOCK
8..END_BLOCK n Bytes …. The binary data of BLOCK
END_BLOCK..2 2 Bytes 0x1C07 Two additional bytes containing CRC16 Checksum of this BLOCK

(additional blocks may follow in same manner)

NOTE: All values are encoded in “Big-Endian” format.

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