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Removal of the side mirror(s) assembly from vehicle

This guide describes how to remove the side mirrors from the vehicle. Fitting of the mirrors is done in exactly the reverse order. The procedure is valid for both sides of the car and for all mirror variants and vehicle model year.

  • 10mm Allen wrench

The instructions below provide the example of the removal of the driver's side mirror. They are in principle the same for the passenger's side mirror.

To have access to the connector of the side mirror's wiring loom, it is necessary to completely remove the door's trim panel. For removal instructions, see ⇒ Türverkleidung demontieren

Simply disconnect the connector, by pressing on the connector's tab and pulling.

The last step is to unscrew the Allen nut holding the mirror to the door frame. Remember to hold the mirror from the outer side to avoid it falling to the floor once completely unscrewed. A gentle pull might be necessary to unseat the mirror from the door frame socket, and be able to completely remove the mirror.

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